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        That's PRD(Pearl River Delta)是Thats杂志在珠江三角洲的英文期刊,供外籍人士了解珠江三角洲主要城市的吃穿住行、风土人情,内容丰富而时尚。



        两周后的今天收到杂志,看到这样一篇洋人执笔,描写一位普通中国牙医的小文。有些兴奋,再翻几页,相似设计的版面上赫然看到一篇关于成龙(Jackie Chan)的文章。与自己的偶像在同一期杂志抛头露面,实在话,对于这种太过幸运的感觉,心里有那么一点点“飘”,不过明天咱们还得各就各位,该干啥干啥。



    Dr. Joseph Yong Zhao Talks Teeth

    by Xiao Fei @ Tue, 30 October 2012 14:50


    U-family dental

        Dr. Joseph Yong Zhao is hardly the lofty intellectual you’d expect him to be. Though he spent ten years studying dentistry at West China School of Stomatology, Sichuan University – where he attained his PhD – and though he regularly publishes papers in medical journals and speaks at conferences, he is light-hearted and exhibits the kindly demure of a family doctor.

        We meet in the clean and homely foyer of his clinic. “This is my art,” he says of the photographs and paintings that adorn the walls. There are also children’s drawings on display. All were created by young patients undergoing treatment, emphasizing the clinic’s all-encompassing, family-friendly ethos.

        U-family Dental Clinic was established by Dr. Zhao and his wife Dr. Crystal Jing Chen in 2008. Well-situated opposite Shenzhen University’s main gate on Taoyuan Road, the U-Family team have subsequently built-up a sterling reputation, with patients from over 20 different countries seeking out their international standard service.

        “Our motto is simple: A confident smile comes from U-Family,” Zhao explains. Zhao himself is a renowned implant and cosmetic dentist whose book The Foundation of Esthetic Implant Dentistry is available in both English and Chinese. He has on record a host of remarkable transformations – before and after photos of patients who’ve come to him to improve their appearance and boost their confidence levels. “This is what we love to do,” he continues. “Make people look better.”

        So it stands to reason, given Zhao’s cosmetic background, that as well as standard treatments like fillings, wisdom tooth extraction and oral examinations, there are also teeth whitening, crowning and implant treatments available from U-Family.

        The scale and polish (RMB460) treatment I undertook was administered by Nurse Yu. Before things began there was an x-ray and chat with Dr. Zhao regarding my remaining wisdom teeth and other minor concerns. Then it was down to business. Using foreign produced machinery, Nurse Yu buzzed her way delicately around my mouth, cleaning off the year’s excess coffee stains, only readmitting me back out into the world once my teeth were gleaming pearly white again.

        // U-Family Dental, No.109 Shopping Street, Xihai Mingzhu Garden, Taoyuan Lu, Nanshan District (8625 0573). www.ufamilydental.cn 南山区桃园路1号西海明珠花园地面商业109号



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